Community Support Dunedin

Together in South Dunedin

Since moving into this community we have become involved with a number of initiatives to support our neighbours. People can call us or just drop in to find support, friendship and something to get involved with.

Community Lunch

Every Monday during school terms at 12 noon – join us for a fabulous lunch cooked from rescued food by the crew. Get involved in the conversation and learn from a range of people that share ideas, and community information that you need to know. You may also get involved as a member of the cooking group and learn some further culinary skills to use at home.

Community Garden

Free to a good home are the vegetables growing in the garden – you can also get involved having fun with the team planting, weeding and planning.


Holding on to Your Place

If there are problems with your tenancy and it is possible that you may be asked to leave, get in touch with us as we may be able to help. We can support you in getting the place tidied, and provide help to manage your budget or negotiate other things which might get in the way of holding on to your place

Further Help

There can be issues around housing, problems with benefits, or getting to the Doctor. Our team are willing and able to give you some help navigating these issues, just ask.

The South Dunedin Community Network

Creating connections across South Dunedin.

Catholic Social Services is happy to support the South Dunedin Community Network. Originally based out of the CSS offices, they are now found at 278a King Edward st.

The purpose of the network is to connect with one another across South Dunedin and make this community an even greater place to live, work and play. This is done by drawing on the incredible resourcefulness, creativity, diversity and passion found in this community and putting it together to make great things happen for this community. Find out more or get involved by contacting them on 455 0472 or

Robyn Mclean

Network Manager
South Dunedin Community Network

p: 0272769355

Grace Hannah

South Dunedin Community Network


Eleanor Doig

South Dunedin Community Network




Get in touch


Central Otago:
Alexandra Community House
14/20 Centennial Ave
Alexandra 9320

42 Macandrew Road
P O Box 2047
South Dunedin 9044


0800 CSSNOW or 0800277669

(03) 455 3838

Central Otago:
(03) 448 5385


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Monday 9.00am - 5.00pm
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Find us at 42 Macandrew Road, right across the car park from the South Dunedin Catholic Church (see photos below). Plenty of space inside and outside for spending time with your kids.