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Best Start

Best Start

Best Start is a suite of services, including groups that we offer to those who need extra support once they find out they are about to have a baby, or have recently given birth. Best start involves having a social worker walking alongside you, (and your partner if they want it) to help you prepare for baby. The social worker may be able to help you find housing, reconnect with whanau, develop new lifeskills, and prepare your home for the arrival of a new little person into your life. Best Start also includes the following groups:

Birth Support Group

Birth Support Group is an antenatal group for mums throughout the whole term of their pregnancy. BSG meets weekly to explore the realities of giving birth, gaining insight in how to be a great mum and strengthening your relationship with your baby. The group includes child birth education from a qualified Child Birth Educator, talks from other important people, fun activities and outings. Click here to find the programme. The group is run by Luana.

“I’ve noticed that I’m a lot more confident in my decisions and I feel a lot better about having conversations with people.”

“I’ve gained the skills and confidence to live independently and make the best decision for my child.”

“Eating healthier, talking more. Understanding more.”

“I have stopped smoking, feel great and better for it.”

ABC Playgroup For Mums

ABC Playgroup for Mums – a playgroup that runs fortnightly during the school terms. It includes outings as well as lots of opportunity to meet other mums and discover new ways of interacting with your baby/toddler. Heather also brings in great speakers to share tips to help with parenting and managing life with little people.

“Having different people come and talk about different subjects has been really helpful.”

“The support and friendliness has been so good.”

Treasured Wee Ones

Parenting Support Group for Kokara and Pepi. New-born to 18 months, runs fortnightly at Catholic Social Services in the Bart Winter Room.

12:30pm to 3:30pm

This will be a group for mothers to share their experience of motherhood. You can also share your concerns, triumphs and disasters. All laugh together in a safe environment.


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