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Family Support Centre Project

What Are We Doing? – The Project

Catholic Social Services supports more than 300 families a year with a variety of services to help home to be a good place for kids to grow up. The demand for our services keep growing and to meet that need we are planning to build a new Family Support Facility in partnership with The Sisters of Mercy at 25 Broughton St South Dunedin. So we can help more kids by helping more families like the stories below.

The cost of this project is around $1,400,000, but with two thirds of the funding in place, we are well on the way to making this a reality.

We are now inviting others to join us in making a difference for the next generation by making a donation towards this awesome opportunity.

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Fundraising Progress

You can help – We have a good start in our fundraising to reach our ambitious goal but we need more help. If you would like to dontate then simply click on the button below. We’ll update our progress on here so you can follow along with us!

Funds received so far from:
♥ J Egerton est ♥ J Baker Eames estate ♥ Otago Community Trust
♥ Alexander Macmillan ♥ AAWJones ♥ Private donors

A Little Story

Not that many years ago a baby was born to a young mum, a mum that most people thought had not much hope of succeeding. However those people had not taken into account the value of the dedicated support of the CSS staff or the importance of the services CSS provides. Today that mum is on the way to living life well and her kids know what it is to be supported, to be loved and to be cared for. It has not been a particularly easy road to get here, as this mums own childhood was not that flash, but she has shown herself time and again to be so much more than what those people thought she was capable of and with the support of CSS her kids have a better chance of living their own live’s well.

The Project In Detail

This building will provide a base for more staff to engage with families and work on plans together to live life well. It will also provide lots of space for groups the CSS run, such as Playgroups for Mums and dads, parenting courses and individual support services to help mums and dads develop their skills as parents and brings smiles back to kids faces.

The Building is being built by Genius Homes and the landscaping will encourage the wonder of the natural world and support the great work of children, i.e. their play.

Having this space will also free up more room for CSS to provide more of the counselling and therapeutic support CSS offers to individual adults, children and to couples.

We Support Dads Too

Supporting dads is important for kids too. A young man we supported was so in love with his baby but so scared to pick her up in case he broke her. With support from our team he learnt to be confident in picking the baby up, dancing with her and comforting her much to the delight of the wee one. In so doing he built a great safe connection and attachment on which great lives are built.

How You Can Help

Contributions can be made online to:

Catholic Social Services

OR Click here to make a credit card donation.

Reference your name and Centre donations Tax deductible.

Find out more by signing up for our newsletter and you will be provided progress reports on our new building alongside the great work CSS is doing in meeting the growing need for help in our communities.

Email: or give us a call on 03 455 3838

Consider a payment over time…
  • $1000 over 3 years @ $6.41 a week
  • $3,000 over 3 years @ $19.23 a week
  • $5,000 over 3 Years @ $32.05 per week
  • $10,000 over 3 years @ $64.10 a week
  • $20,000 over 3 years @ $128.21 a week
  • $50,000 over 3 years @ $320.51 a week


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Our Progress

Stayed Tuned – We will be posting updates regarding out progress, including pictures so you can watch us along the way!

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