For kids

For Kids

Sometimes our kids need some specific help for them. The following services are offered by Catholic Social Services to support our children live life well

Kainga Ora – Safe and well at Home

Kainga Ora is a 6 week programme for children that have been exposed to conflict in their home. Through the group programme they create a safety plan which identifies the range of supports they have in their life, how and when they should access them. KO also builds children’s confidence, self esteem as well as self management skills by using such techniques as breathing and mindfulness. The unique thing about this programme is that it brings parents and caregivers into the process for two of the group sessions so that they can share in the development of the safety plan and understand both what the child is learning as well as what the child needs from them. Being part of Catholic Social Services, parents are then encouraged to access our other services such as parenting courses, individualised parenting plans and counselling to ensure that the plans the children make are supported by the adults in their lives.

Courses are held on demand. Contact Catholic Social Services and ask for Liz or Christine

Counselling for Children

It can often be quite helpful for children to have a safe place to talk about what is going on for them. CSS has counsellors in Dunedin that are experienced in helping kids make sense of what is happening and how to get through. All counselling with children will be in consultation with the adults in their life to ensure that this service provides great outcomes for them


Seasons for Growth

Making sense of life changes is important for everybody. This group programme especially for children can help kids understand what is going on for them when there is significant change or loss. Seasons for Growth is a well established programme designed by Good Grief Australia and more information can be found by visiting their site found here

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Find us at 42 Macandrew Road, right across the car park from the South Dunedin Catholic Church (see photos below). Plenty of space inside and outside for spending time with your kids.